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Running in the New Year!

It may be a new year, but my old goal (running 1 race each month) is still looming...and it is definitely crunch time now that winter is among us. For some reason, people don't think about running in single-digit temps with snow/ice on the ground. ;). It hasn't stopped me...yet!

This morning was no exception. With the wind chill, it was a balmy 5 degrees...and I just may have stayed out a bit later than I intended last night. But...I was still ready to run with my tutus by the starting gun!

I am not a huge dress-up/costume lover, but running in a costume is definitely worth the effort! So many compliments and conversations because of the tutus.

Anyway...with Beth at my side...we managed our way through the run...finishing in a respectable 34 minutes give the temperature!

I'm not really sure when/where the next race will be....there aren't many options in February...I am thinking about a "Run to Chocolate" or a snowshoe 5k. I have to figure out whose arm I am twisting to join in my craziness! :)

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A Winter Visit

As has become my custom, I traveled "home" for the holidays...it's strange because I haven't lived in the Northwest for more than 5 years (!!!), but in so many ways...it is still home. In fact, just before Christmas, I was filling out a form for work that asked for my home address...sure enough, I started writing my mom's address. Oops! Anyway...I flew into Seattle without any real travel issues... *knocks on wood*

Over the course of the next week, I saw many babies and a few not-so-little -anymores...where does the time go???

Melissa & her family were one of my first stops, as a special request of Miss Hailey's. We played a rousing game of hide-and-seek while Mason was sleeping and even managed a "girls only" photo...

Since I was crashing with Mandy & family, I met up with her & Elly at the good ol' mall in Federal Way. What was once a glorified strip-mall has become quite the shopping center! Love the glasses, girls!

On my way south to Longview, I stopped off to visit Aly & my great-nephew, Raylan. Last time I saw him, he wasn't even 24 hours old...he's getting so big!!

While we were hanging out together, Aly & TJ were making pies for dinner...

Later that evening, the whole family descended on Mom's for Xmas Eve dinner & festivities. Philip & Kristi, Max & Mandy and I played a rip-roaring game of "Go Ape" while waiting for everyone to arrive. (Think "Go Fish" with actions instead of words.) It looks a bit weird, but we had fun!

Cannot believe how big (and old!) Max is now...

The evening brought the usual holiday fun...including "the box" game...a recently added ritual of cooperating (sort of) to open a group-wrapped box. Duct tape, strapping tape & cellophane shrink-wrapping are favorites! The only rule: don't draw blood!

Max gets his own box, too!

Too much fun!

A couple of days later, I headed back north...through the rain & traffic. Ugh.

Stopped off in Tacoma to spend a little bit of time with Jamie and Sylvia...another baby who is getting so darn big! In fact, I think she's ready for the teenage years!

And, a trip to Seattle is never complete without hanging out with Kevin for a bit. This year, he, Bret & I trekked to the Zoo. A little small, but still cool.

And...after a week in the wet Northwest, I returned to a snowy winter wonderland In Vermont.

Ah....so good to be home!

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12 Adventures in 2012

2012 Holiday Card
1. Ice Climbing
2. Indoor Rock Climbing
3. Brooklyn (NY) Baby!
4. Running...250 miles and counting this calendar year!
5. Stand-up Paddleboarding
6. Kayaking
7. Sailing Camp on Lake Champlain
8. Warrior Dash
9. Pickles!
10. White Water Rafting...in Maine.
11. Zombie 5k Race
12. 100,000 Miles on my car...all but 32 of them have been mine!  Wowzers...

Wishing you and yours the happiest of hoildays...and an adventurous 2013!

Happy Holidays!

As I prepare to embark on my annual holiday travel adventure...here's a little love from Vermont!

Church Street at Christmastime...one of my favorite times of year on the marketplace...

Photo Dec 16, 3 10 47 PM  Photo Dec 16, 3 17 51 PM
Photo Nov 27, 6 44 44 PM  Photo Nov 27, 6 44 56 PM

A-Hunting I Will Go...

For a Christmas tree! Even though it doesn't really feel like the holidays yet, Jami and I ventured out to get a tree to festive up our little apartment.  Once again, there wasn't any snow for the adventure...but it was super-cold!  Luckily, the farm wasn't too, too big and we were easily able to pick out a tree!
Post-Run TreatPhoto Dec 09, 1 45 17 PM
This year, I got the honor of sawing it down...once we got home, though, we realized that we had forgotten to allow for enough room to slide the trunk into the stand.  So, there was more sawing on the porch.  The only problem: I don't own a saw.  No worries...a serrated bread knife will work, won't it??  (It does!)
Our decorated tree!  Isn't it pretty?

And, a leftover picture from yesterday...went running with Beth again.  It was cold.  Really cold.  So, we went for a post-run warm-up...peppermint mocha & gingerbread cookie.  That's healthy, right??
Photo Dec 08, 10 25 09 AM

Santa's 5K

Ah, it's that time of year again...when the streets of Burlington are overrun, seriously, with thousands of Santas...no joke!  I ran this race last year and LOVED it; there wasn't even a second of hesitation before signing up for this year's race.  Beth (& her son) came along for the fun, as did Kelsey...we even met up with a few other RES friends, pre-race!

The Start/Finish LinePre-Race

Beth's son would be the grinch in the front row...wait for the post-race pic...

Santas at the line
The line-up of Santa's on Church Street is completely indescribable... so much red in such a little space!

Running up Battery Hill

At one part of the race, we (the thousands of Santas) turn a corner and head up the street...all you can see is red -- so cool!  Shortly after this point in the race, Beth, Kelsey & I ended up running near a jolly Santa who managed to have enough breath to carol...so much fun singing along while running the streets of Burlington.

Post-Race Smiles

At the finish line...notice the smiling grinch now?!  He was thrilled to (once again) have smashed us in the race with his "8 minute miles" and all.  Must be nice to be so young...
Festive Feet
Even my feet were festive for the occasion...which must have looked really awesome at breakfast later in the morning without the Santa suit, but with the socks!  What can you do, eh?

Destination Thanksgiving: McBe's

After last year's adventure to Disney World for Thanksgiving, I realized just how fun it could be to get away from it all for turkey day!  Well, as it happened this year, Ray & Corinn were, once again, hosting in Rochester just days before they set off on their next adventure. So, Jami & I decided to join in the McBe festivities while they were still close enough to visit in a weekend!

Sam, I'm certain, was overjoyed to see us.  Well, actually, he was probably more confused than anything because furniture kept moving and he wasn't quite sure where to place himself...and there were plenty of folks around to try and avoid, too.
After dinner, which Ray so artfully & thoughtfully prepared, we all settled in (all being Ray's mom, & Corinn's entire family!) to watch the Cowboys play football...there was the usual amount of cheering!
We also squeezed in a visit to see some of Jami's family in the area, both on Thanksgiving and on Black Friday. And, on the trip home, in the midst of a bit of a snowy drive buried somewhere in the middle of New York's Adirondack National Forest, my car hit 100,000 miles!  Woohoo!
Somewhere near Speculator, NY  Proof

Another Climbing Adventure

Higher than it Looks
After 2 days of in-service and the day before Thanksgiving, I needed to d something dventurous and the weather certainly wasn't cooperating for me.  So...I convinced Beth to join me in a little climbing adventure.  I can say there was a lot of laughing, a little bit of "Tarzan" swinging (unintentional, of course!) and even a couple of falls, but it was definitely a good time!  Now, if I can move my arms tomorrow, it will be a complete success!

Life in Vermont

This was the view on my drive to work the other day...though a picture doesn't do nearly enough justice!  I love when the sun is just peeking over the horizon and setting every a glow... 
My Commute
And...a winter in Vermont MUST have one of these...even if it isn't that snowy of a winter.  I've learned that ice scrapers do, indeed, wear out.  My last scraper, from my first winter 5 years ago, had definitely seen better days...and after scraping the windshield the first time with a new one, I realized just how bad it was! 
Winter Essentials


My November Race

I'm (surprisingly) progressing well on my quest to compete in a running race each month...I will admit, though, this month was a bit tough!  My running group at school needed a graduation race, but the race they'd planned for us to participate in didn't happen this year.  :(  Luckily, the local gym was holding a charity 5k for the Vermont Children's Hospital. 

Beth & I ran the course together (I couldn't ask for a better running buddy!), but we got a little lost on the return and I think we just may have inadvertently cut the course a bit short.  It wasn't our fault though...we were given faulty directions and there really wasn't anyone around to direct us.  Oh well.  
Next race: Santa 5k in Burlington...one of my favorites!